Shooter on the loose!

So some crack head shot up the apartment complex right next to our employee parking lot. At least one person shot, shooter on the loose. We counted 13 cop cars an ambulance and a fire truck from the fifth floor window. says they havent caught him yet and it looks like the black unmarked suv’s are prowling nearby parking lots (including ours).

Hope they catch the dood before everybody walks out to their cars!





House – Carpet, Counters & Stuff























Kitchen Vinyl Tile






















Bathrooms Vinyl Tile






















Kitchen & Bathroom Granite Counter Tops















Kitchen Wall Tile






















Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

S.O.C. Day @ Kellyville

S.O.C. Day @ Kellyville. A fantastic game with a great group of guys. Thanks to all the men of X-Factor, Bohica and L337 Krew for great sportsmanship and co-team coordination.

……goooooo blue team wooo!

Injury Log – First Strike @ 355 fps

Revolutionary paintball ammo “First Strike” rifle finned rounds. This shot was waaay hot, typically paintball guns are 280-300fps. I volunteered to be the test subject. This round was 30 feet at 355 fps. These rounds are lighter & fly MUCH faster under the same pressure than normal paintballs. It didn’t leave much paint on me either. While it did fly straight, the decreased weight, decreased inertia, lack of resilience to brush & outrageous price (30$ for a box of 100. [i didnt buy them]) make this round a very poor product. Cool concept, but I don’t see these being around for very long.

Netflix: Recommended Movie – Ghost Warrior

For someone who values honor & good, this one will make your eyes tear up. Very good movie.

Ghost Warrior

When skiers in Japan come across the frozen body of centuries-old samuraiwarrior Yoshimita (Hiroshi Fujioka), scientists secretly whisk the corpse to a high-tech laboratory in California, where they bring him back to life. But when Yoshimita escapes onto the mean streets of 1980s Los Angeles, his ancient and strict code of honor gets him both into and out of trouble. J. Larry Carroll directs this low-budget action fantasy.