24 Hour Movie Marathon?

Someday when everything on this list is out on blue ray and I have a decent sound system hooked up to the TV, this needs to be done.

So the question is, play them in order of movie release, or play them in a combined alien / predator story universe chronological order?

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Netflix: Recommended Movie – Ghost Warrior

For someone who values honor & good, this one will make your eyes tear up. Very good movie.

Ghost Warrior

When skiers in Japan come across the frozen body of centuries-old samuraiwarrior Yoshimita (Hiroshi Fujioka), scientists secretly whisk the corpse to a high-tech laboratory in California, where they bring him back to life. But when Yoshimita escapes onto the mean streets of 1980s Los Angeles, his ancient and strict code of honor gets him both into and out of trouble. J. Larry Carroll directs this low-budget action fantasy.