Neat Lab Screenshot

Was working on a little static routing lab this evening using three TinyCore linux VM’s, two 12.1R1.9 JunOS routers and one 12.4 Cisco IOS. A simple but fun way to get used to JunOS command line syntax. While the level of configuration done here is relatively trivial, it’s good to start small when learning a new network operating system CLI. Next up I will clone the lab and migrate from static routing to OSPF. Fun stuff.

In the screenshot you can see the route table from JunOS_2 and Linux1 and Linux3 pinging each other across five subnets. Done with GNS3 and VirtualBox. Loving this new laptop, thank you Jess for supporting my studies.

multi-platform lab ping thru


Alligator Gar

Caught my first ever alligator gar this sunday morning on rod and reel with whole flayed shad on the bottom of dog creek near the verdigris river.

Tossed in a few pics of the fishin hole and boat modifications (flush mounted rod holders) too.


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