Team L33T KREW

Throughout the adventures of team L337 KREW we have made quite a name for ourselves in the Oklahoma paintball community. We are one of the founding teams of the S.O.C. (Southern Outlaw Coalition), official woodsball team for the Adventure Zone paintball field in Guthrie, OK. & event coordinators for all scenario events at the Adventure Zone paintball field.

We have enthusiastically provided field maintenance, event staff, event planning, course construction & promotion of good sportsmanship for Adventure Zone paintball for 6 years.

Every member we have possesses traits commonly found in respected leaders & lifelong-worthy friends. We share a bond most people don’t get to experience in their mundane lives.

We have a lot of fun too.


One thought on “Team L33T KREW

  1. Hi Dave, I’m Doug. I live in Edmond w my wife & family, and I work in the air freight biz. I’m from north OKC originally, and went to Putnam City, Class of 86.

    Anyway, I saw your blog, and I was wondering if you and the I337 Krew need any new ‘recruits.’ There is the giant “Red Dawn” battle coming up this weekend in Eastern Oklahoma, so didn’t know if you guys were planning to attend.
    Thanks, DC

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