Lumberjack Dave

So the recent storms motivated me to get to work on clearing out the cluster of tree in the back yard that would plow through our living room if they were to fall. A very tricky chainsaw cut for sure, one mis-cut or improper angle and the trees would go right through the living room. All done with a beefcake electric chainsaw I ordered last year.

100watt home server

110$ Mini-ITX Form factor cube case:
120$ Low power mbd: – review @
135$ 35w(lowest i could find) sandy bridge 2.5Ghz cpu
78$ 8gigs ram, cheap
hard drive, ($$$$, can go much cheaper here depending on storage needs) – 4 of these in raid 5, 5.33TB actual:
those drives are 6.1watts idle, 9.6w active:
61$ power supply –

25w: motherboard
35w: cpu
40w max load, 6-10wX4: hard drives(4)



Hungry Wife is Hungry

Gotta admire a girl that has an appetite.

Jessica:  the new Xmen movie is out today
ready to go to lunch? I am STARVING!!!!!
 me:  im about to spend 39$
 Jessica:  on?
 me:  on a non-cd player mp3 radio for the truck
from newegg
 Jessica:  hrm….ok
now FOODZ!!!!!!!!!
 me:  you insert 16GB SD cards into it instead of cds
 me:  huh? sorry i didnt quite catch that
 Jessica:  hungry, hungry, hungry FFFFFOOOOODDDDDZZZZZ
meet on one for foodz?