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Jan 19, 2012

A while ago I began construction on a home building to use as a family home gym & martial arts training facility. The building is 12×16 with a steel door & 1 window on the first floor.
The first floor:

  1. Nordic Track E8100 Olympic Smith Machine
  2. Recumbent exercise bike.
  3. Dumbbell Rack 5lbs to 45lbs pairs in 5lbs increments
  4. Wall attached dip bars
  5. Floor attached roman chair
  6. Wall attached calf raise shoulder mounts with weight attachments
  7. Chalk board
  8. Wall mounted, framed workout routines listed in ranking order of difficulty. (the idea is for different people they can have a cookie cutter routine to choose from)
  9. Double floor,3/4” interlocking OSB floor panels over  3/4” treated plywood resulting in a solid 1.5” thick surface. The idea here is to prevent floor damage from dropped weights.
  10. Wall mounted, framed chart of exercise types.

The 2nd floor:

  1. Wall mounted stretch bar.
  2. Book shelf with various martial arts training material
  3. Wall mounted fold down table top next to the book shelf
  4. Ceiling mounted heavy bag
  5. Wooden dummy
  6. Practice weapons rack
  7. Sparing gear wall hooks
  8. Ceiling mounted kick pads (three different heights, basic clapper pads)
  9. Sand/Pebble bowl
  10. Two windows both facing west.
  11. Speed bag
  12. Padded Flooring
Pictures of construction:

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