Indiana: Creationism in Schools Passes Senate

Come for the article, stay for the comments.

“What part of “the Supreme Court ruled this unconstitutional in 1987″ don’t you understand?”

“I am from Denmark, in Europe and i just realized why you are loosing the battle to China and other asian countries, since you are going back to the stone age.

Best of Wishes from Copenhagen Denmark”

“Soooo glad I don’t live in the fly-over states… The people that live there seem to be nothing but fundies and kooks motivated by 2000 year old tactics of fear mongering. Time to advance and join the rest of the developed world and stop actions like this. Indiana, you’re doing it wrong.”

“The idea of putting the wholly unsubstantiated and utterly ludicrous religiously inspired fallacy of creationism on the same level as the undisputed scientific fact of evolution in schools, and suggesting that this is a reasonable method of educating kids about the difference between a proven scientific theory and a nonsensical religious myth, or that it provides them with a comprehensive backgroud regarding conflicting viewpoints, entirely mitigates the reality that creationism is based on nothing more than an adherence to Christian mythology.

Aim higher America.”

AT&T Txt Msg Scams

So, this has happened the last two months on my phone: random unsolicited text messages babbling about some stupid “challenge quiz fun facts” crap telling you to goto “the website” and notifying you that you are being charge $9.99.

A little research shows that this is happening all over the place. AT&T customers are aparently exposed to text based messaging fraud. It seems that scammers can simply charge you whatever they think they can get away with just by sending an unsolicited text message to your phone. That’s really stupid AT&T.

“Got three text messages in a matter of minutes. Did not reply to any of them. Called my wireless provider and there was already a $9.99/mo charge on my wireless bill. Charge was removed but no further blocking of third party charges was available unless I cancelled AT&T services that are provided by AT&T but billed by a third party, ugh. Filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office.”

“I have been charged so many times that can not even count. I have called, faxed called my phone carrier multiple times. I have asked to be blocked from both companies it stops for awhile and then is start again. I have been charged as much as fifty dollars on one bill. Even when and if they give you your money you have to pay it first and wait for them to reimburse you. I wish I had the knowledge on how to litigate against them for stealing money right out of our pockets. If they charge $9.99 a month from say a thousand people and they get away that is that would be a class A FELONY….”

Just spoke with AT&T and they are well aware of the problem. They refunded the charge immediately & without any run-around & put 3rd party blocks on both of our phones. Hurrays!

The blocks are free and work with a pin system that they email the primary account holder.


The txt from the AT&T rep: