Sleepy Time on the River

Catfishing Weekend – Flatheads, Blues and Soy Beans

Fished the nav channel sat morning and night. Flatheads were biting in the morning out in the open water on live and cut shad. Blues were going nuts on cut shad after dark along the shallower areas near the shore lines.

Got to try out the new 18 foot wide cast net, works great. Caught more blue cat fry from 2-6 inches long than shad though, the shad haven’t started balling up yet.

All together 2 Flathead (17lbs high) and 6 blues (18lbs high).

The blues have been stuffing themselves on soy beans and wheat. Blue cat barf in the live well was full of the stuff. Must have been a bunch fall off during barge loading.

Pics of the rigging I’m using, and great hook sets with circle hooks.

Alligator Gar

Caught my first ever alligator gar this sunday morning on rod and reel with whole flayed shad on the bottom of dog creek near the verdigris river.

Tossed in a few pics of the fishin hole and boat modifications (flush mounted rod holders) too.


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