Pontoon (“Cattoon” setup) or Bass Boat

Ok. Serious question here. Post which one and why. I’m having a hard time deciding which type of boat as a replacement. Lots of pros and cons for each. I’ll try to approve comments as fast as I can.


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10 thoughts on “Pontoon (“Cattoon” setup) or Bass Boat

  1. I’d go for the pontoon, probably. My aunt and uncle have one at their cabin in the Ozarks, and they use it for fishing as well as for a pleasure boat.

  2. the bass boat will go places the party barge won’t — major plus and if my only consideration was myself that’s the way I’d go.

    But having a family, I’m certainly leaning towards a party barge. First they are more kid friendly. They are more stable. They use more gas. but most importantly in my situation, a party barge is what my wife wants

  3. I would prefer the pontoon. bass boats have a low-profile design and if you are going to put rod holders in the front for drift fishing (you should try bee ready rod holders) then it will be harder to get to them because it is lower. But on the pontoon boat the railing is pretty high so its pretty much perfect for rod holders. But I would suggest putting some sorta trolling motor on it if you plan to go splat fishing because the sound of the larger motor will scare the fish and the comerants.

    • i much prefer to fish in the eddy of a creek meets river spot than drift fish. i have a couple honey holes where i’ll anchor the front of the boat in the opening of the creek at about 3-5ft deep and hang the back of the boat out in the river about 25ft down and fish the transition point between the two. have to use a 28lbs navy anchors to keep from being swept away. very similar to trout fishing 11 mile canyon up in colorado, except instead of a 2 or 3 foot wide eddy im fishing in one 50 feet wide. drop a worm on a hook down behind a rock eddy, pull out the one trout hangin out in the hole and move to the next. limit out in about 15 mins cook em up with garlic butter wrapped in foil on a camp fire. mmm mmmm. if colorado had monster cats i’d move up there so i could trout fish more often.

  4. Hope this helps, funny am going to pick up a new boat (a year old if possible) in the next few weeks. Retiring on Table Rock Lake. A year old boat generally is rigged, a new boat not so, and rigging will set you back in the pocketbook more than most realize.

    The best (fishing) boat I ever owned in over 50 years of independent fishing was a 18 foot flat bottom aluminum hi-side with a tuned up 18 HP Evinrude. Plus oars.

    Of course these can be outfitted to the hilt now, and tiller driven boat engines are much larger too. I like the electric trolling motor on the stern plate.

    Grew up on the White River, later (used a V Bayboat) Lake Michigan Green Bay. The fishing space was incredible, the ability to move in the boat is an asset you would see only when on the water. Not in the showroom a mistake I made with a boat purchase once. Looked like navy ship in the showroom, felt like a small closet on the water. I can not stress enough, how the ability to move is important.

    Ahhhhh just think David, drifting into a cove, hit the oar a few times, then you essentially have a huge stable platform to fish from front, rear and either side.

    Also, a boat you can stretch out in comes in handy in night fishing. Getting a few moons on me now, and a nice nap on the lake comes in handy. The only drawback to a pontoon is the ability to troll using the gas engine. I can find no pontoon which can adapt to a kicker (3-5 HP gas engine) I can think of no negatives regarding a flat bottom.

    Age has caught up me, and am going to pick up a Bennington 24′ Tri Hull 150hp + with remote trolling motor the near future if a year old gem is not found. Although, if I find a good old flat bottom used, probably pick it up too. Just for those days I feel younger.

    Worst boat….my opinion and understand others feel differently…any modern fiberglass bass type. A couple of tackle boxes, a cooler or two, boat bag, and you have a very cluttered fishing platform. Mine was great for me alone, take el-wifo and a kid or two it was difficult. I cringe at the thought moving seats.

    Oh, el wifo and gal friends must have a pop up privacy head which only a pontoon can offer.

      • I have been a fan of Bass Pro, and do like some of the contemporary fishing boats. The Guide Boats are tempting. Do look like they’ve cured some of the clutter problems. They do get around and are much better on fuel. When we began looking at pontoons for a larger lake, one with many salt water type boats the need of more H.P. became apparent. We are not overruling going with 300 H.P., or more. This will push a tri hull comfortably 40-50 mph.

        As stated, getting older, but still get in the water at times. The fancier H.D. ladders were a big decision maker for the pontoon as well. Also, beaching (making it a base to spend a day) a pontoon is hard to beat.

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