Fighting the Continued Assault on Science

An inspirational read & hope for the future. As youth grows up in today’s time of ever developing scientific fields it’s getting harder and harder for extremists to force their aging views on the next generation.  Zack Kopplin is a shining light of reason in Louisiana’s ever deepening pool of  political darkness.

How 19-year-old activist Zack Kopplin is making life hell for Louisiana's creationists

“My generation is going to have to face major challenges to our way of living — and the way to overcome them is through rapid scientific advancement,” he says. “But as as of right now, America has a science problem.”

“Creationism is not science, and shouldn’t be in a public school science class — it’s that simple,”

First attempt at tongs

It was raining, cold, and all my fuel was wet, but i managed to work out the rough shape of some tongs. Theyre likely useless and need to be rebuilt, but it was good practice working with a small hammer with carefull blows.

I think I got it figured out to where i can make a function set now, but first i need to drill a pritchell hole in the anvil and make a punch.




Big forge build log

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