Compulsive buy :p

So last week I was talking with a buddy about hog hunting & decided to browse hog spears again on amazon cuz they look cool n all & I ran across this little gem.  At first I was intrigued by the picture of the thing, wondering if it indeed was what it looked like.

All it took to get me to spend $23.99 of my hard earned cash was a short scroll down the page to the description of the item, which reads, and I quote line for line un-edited.. :

“Have you ever longed to pick up your expensive, high performance Samurai sword and run amok through the woods stabbing, cutting, chopping and hacking every inanimate object in sight without the fear of losing all your hard earned money by damaging it?That’s why we created the Katana Machete. Made in our factory in South Africa, it offers a …..”