S.O.C. Day @ Kellyville

S.O.C. Day @ Kellyville. A fantastic game with a great group of guys. Thanks to all the men of X-Factor, Bohica and L337 Krew for great sportsmanship and co-team coordination.

……goooooo blue team wooo!

Injury Log – First Strike @ 355 fps

Revolutionary paintball ammo “First Strike” rifle finned rounds. This shot was waaay hot, typically paintball guns are 280-300fps. I volunteered to be the test subject. This round was 30 feet at 355 fps. These rounds are lighter & fly MUCH faster under the same pressure than normal paintballs. It didn’t leave much paint on me either. While it did fly straight, the decreased weight, decreased inertia, lack of resilience to brush & outrageous price (30$ for a box of 100. [i didnt buy them]) make this round a very poor product. Cool concept, but I don’t see these being around for very long.

PAINTBALL SCENARIO – Stalingrad this Saturday March 5th

I will be letting someone else play Vasily Zytsev this year & will be driving the war wagon all day this Saturday & giving free rides (cockpit – safe) to anyone that wants to come down for an in-game ride (more fun than Christmas morning). I’m still looking for additional gunners for the machine gun turret if anyone is up for it.

I’ll be out there Friday night till late Saturday night. Camping is permitted & encouraged! The L337 KREW camp fire will be roaring from about 7PM till 1AM-ish. Bring a pillow & sleeping bag if you plan on staying the night, plenty of room in our tents. Ask for Soulspitter @ the front window on Saturday & just blast your horn if you join us Friday night.

This event is written & refereed by Adventure Zone’s home team L337 KREW so you know it’s GONNA BE GOOOOD!

First game horn blows 10am sharp!



DATE CHANGE: March 5th, 2011

Paintball Cheating

I really hate paintball cheaters. They ruin the game for everybody. When I find one I, and as many people as I can rally to my call, try to hurt them as much as possible. In one case, one of our team photographers snapped this picture of one particular cheater that was using an empty deer corn sack to shield his gun from hits during a point based scenario event, an event we designed & ran. That is a no no. Gun hits count & this guy knew it. Soooo I had a little fun & made a funny picture.

Here ya go.
(Click for full size)

Cheating makes you look like an idiot.

Stalingrad 2010

Another big paintball event this weekend. Stalingrad! I’ll be playing Vasily Zyetsev(sp?) rogue sniper with similar rules to that of a tank, switching sides to whatever team captures me.  The fun part is that I get to start out neutral!

Building a new guillie just for the occasion.

Big Month for Paintball

Lots of work to do this month in preparation for the 5th annual battle for Iwo Jima. L337 KREW will be reffing this event & writing most of the scenario. I have volenteered the Isuzu, commonly refered to as the “War Wagon” to be converted into a “tank” for the event. I’m trying to keep it street legal as I’m sure the apartment peeps would frown on having a scary looking mud-covered tank in their parking lot.