More big fish

So aparently fishing with a boat is good stuff. This weekend Seth and I drove about 25 miles up the Kerr-Megee (sp?) barge channel in Tulsa in search of that mythical monster catch of a lifetime catfish. Around 4 AM I pulled in this guy on dead stinky shad resting on the bottom. My net wasn’t big enough so I had to beach em to get em out. Had to tie him to the side of the boat to get him back as well, couldn’t fit em in the live well even curled in a circle.

The next fish I set hook on broke the line on the same pole that I caught this one on – must be a lot of these big boys in that river.

Unconfirmed weight 40-45 lbs. I need a bigger (an functional) fishing scale.



A good day of fishing

My name is David Paul Roberts. i like the outdoors. The big city life gives much to the average city dweller, but it leaves a large vacant hole.. Seldom filled, empty to those who dont realize its there. I tell you now folks, we were born from nature, we have thousands of years worth of genetic coding enabling us to thrive and suceede in the harsh realities of this planet. For one to exist too long without comming into touch with ones inner hunter and gatherer self… Is to deny what we truely are. To be of strong mind and body one must strive to unite that superior intelegence with the hunter instinct that we are all born with. We must cultivate that which is becomming far too distant… That which is our true nature.. Survivors..

Explore the outdoors. Get acustomed to the wild unknown. Live in an accord between humanity and nature itself.







Had a good evening of fishing. Caught 13 before i finally convinced sky to come join me. While he was on his way down to the fishin spot the lady down the shore line from me, Audrey, had just hooked a monster large mouth bass in the dark and was having trouble getting it unhooked. Sky went down to help and when i came over after hearing all the commotion my jaw dropped a little at the sight of the fish she had just drug in. She caught ir on a minnow with what looked like a single size 2-ish hook. She had a pretty good catch of smaller eatin fish too in less time than i had been fishing that evening. Fishing without a light she says is her trick.

Anyway, grats to Audrey for pulling out the biggest bass I’ve ever seen out of Arcadia.