A good day of fishing

My name is David Paul Roberts. i like the outdoors. The big city life gives much to the average city dweller, but it leaves a large vacant hole.. Seldom filled, empty to those who dont realize its there. I tell you now folks, we were born from nature, we have thousands of years worth of genetic coding enabling us to thrive and suceede in the harsh realities of this planet. For one to exist too long without comming into touch with ones inner hunter and gatherer self… Is to deny what we truely are. To be of strong mind and body one must strive to unite that superior intelegence with the hunter instinct that we are all born with. We must cultivate that which is becomming far too distant… That which is our true nature.. Survivors..

Explore the outdoors. Get acustomed to the wild unknown. Live in an accord between humanity and nature itself.






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