Birthday Weekend Fishing

Now I submit to you the following idea:

Step 1: Redo all my fishing reels with that neon green line.

Step 2: Install 6 feet of this stuff on the back of the pole rack….

Step 3: Glorious Light show and flawless hit monitoring.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Fishing

  1. Oh wow on the canopy. Are you guys trolling for fish? And what the hell kind of fish is the silver one with a dorsal fin like a shark? I’ve never seen one like that.

    • I can use it to troll yea, or drag a shad trawl net :D. I very much prefer hunting big game fish for the challenge, fish are good eating but I’m in it for the righteous battle of a monster cat. I directionally anchor the boat with anchors on front/back so it cant turn. point the nose into the current when on a river, or into the wind on a lake if its strong enough to effect lines. the side pole mounts get cast perpendicular to the boat, the 2nd to the end mounts get tossed about 45 degrees out from center, the center mount just goes straight out. ends up with a quad rig fan on the back side of the boat. ordered some UV LED light strips, gonna rig the cat poles up with UV glow fishing line, i’ll be able to see every line lit up like the sun against a pitch black background.

      The big fin is a strange species of blue catfish that I’ve only seen in this navigation channel. The locals call them “white cats”, as they have a tenancy to be nearly pure white instead of greyish blue. They have the same pristine pure white meat as normal blues. story goes they were stocked in the early 70’s when the river was turned into a nav channel. originality it was designed as a state park but all but one have been abandoned. lots of ghost town state parks along the river with boat only access. can be very creepy at night in some areas. My biggest from that river was 43lbs last summer.

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