Woodworking – Aquarium Stand

For my 34th birthday I decided to get an aquarium. 75 gallon tank, 800lbs fully loaded. I built a table for it today, turned out pretty well I think. Like everything I build it’s over engineered and can prolly hold 2 or 3 thousand pounds. All wood, support frame made from 4×4 posts and 2×6 studs with all interlocking joints. The wood stain I went with is called Gunstock 231 by MINWAX. The door hinges are spring loaded and close on their own. The top ridging is exactly 1/16th of an inch larger than the aquarium on all sides an should make for a pretty snug fit that looks professional. Electrical and tubing ports are on the left wall. The air pump goes on the higher shelf on the left, the water filtration system just under it. The right side shelf is for food and utilities. The front of the stand has an extra 2 inches for placing items as you perform fish keeping duties. This was built completely from scratch without any pre-made parts or plans. Tools used: 3 drills, framing nail gun, finishing nail gun, air compressor, buzz sander, palm router, jigsaw, miter saw, claw hammer. Put together with 3” drywall screws 1” drywall screws, 2” glued framing nails, 1.5” glued staples.