ATA Taekwondo Tournament Board Breaks David Roberts 2.26.2011

Despite a painfully injured foot (cracked bone it turned out to be) & many people telling me I shouldn’t & shouldn’t have competed with it, I managed to earn a 3rd place medal in board breaks this Saturday.  It may not look like it in the video but each kick is very painful. I withdrew from the forms & sparring events after board breaks due to the big blood bubble forming on my foot, previous injury broken open again. Even now (Monday night) the bubble is still there & simply wearing a shoe hurts!

I never air-balled a board, but I did finger pop a couple of the 360’s, my thanks to my tough-as-nails board holders & their knuckles & my instructor Ms Hale for allowing me to do advanced content in the competition.

And thanks to my mom & wife for doing the video recording too!

2 thoughts on “ATA Taekwondo Tournament Board Breaks David Roberts 2.26.2011

  1. The tournament was cool. You did a good job with your board breaks! I’m very proud of you. Now I’m wanting to do taekwondo!

    • Very great job! I hope we can do some even more amazing board breaks in the future! I’m glad you posted on here so I could see it. Sweetness

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