Latest Injury – Broken foot

In the ER yet again. Practing my quad combo board break for the compitition on saturday. It’s a pretty awesome combo – starts with a left snapping chin level jumping front kick, then a right foot knee level roundhouse following into right foot 360 head level roundhouse and ending with a left foot shoulder level spinning axe kick. It’s all one fluid motion where my feet barely touch the ground. Really cool stuff. Well the last 360 round house sent the board flyin across the room, into a wall which then fell on a table and onto the floor making a big racket…but didn’t break it. I screwed up and hit the board just below my right foot big toe.. Very little instantaneous energy transfer due to the leverage & lack of inertia on the tip of my foot, but full power backing it up. Turned a dark purple and produced a bubble looking thing about the size of a ping pong ball all around the base of the big toe knuckle within 5-10 seconds of the hit. Still sitting in the ER waiting on my turn for an xray. Sure hope the joint is just blown all to hell intead of having broken bones. They might not let me compete on saturday if they find out i broke my foot.