Injury Log

I was complaining to Jess at lunch today about how my left shin hurt real bad and I got a good idea for another category; Injuries!

From now on anytime I get a decent injury I’ll post it in a little log. Clicking injury category will show them in order of appearance.

So, latest injury – Tues Jess & I were horsing around on the stairs at work on he way to the car and it ended up with me falling down some stairs again.  A couple stumbles & I was quickly heading towards  a 10 ft face-plant tumble. Luckily I was able to somehow maintain my footing well enough to attempt a saving move & was able to jump 7 steps down instead of tumble 7 steps down. Thats a bit too many steps even for me & I was carrying my laptop bag. Banged up my heels & bruised both knees. 2nd time I’ve fallen down stairs while holding a laptop in the last month.

Comments for Dave?

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