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I am now a camo w/ gold stripe rank in ATA Taekwondo. For more info,

So back in November I signed up for the OK Health & wellness program through work. They provided blood tests for cholesterol, triglycerides, ect free of charge. Looks like my good cholesterol is low, my bad cholesterol is high, my triglycerides are high & I’m 30lbs over weight.

My goal is to shed the fatness & pack on the beefcake, dropping down to 180 & bulking back up to at least 200. Long term maybe up to 230 if I stick with the bodybuilding. It’d be nice to know that if one really needs to, he can roll a car over or punch through a brick wall or what not.
It’d be nice to be able to fit into my paintball ghillie suit again too.
As part of my new years resolution for 2010 I’m going to get myself adjusted into a steady hard hitting body building routine. I first need to get my body to where it doesn’t scream in agony every 2 days after a workout. Hoping that wont take too long, maybe a couple weeks.
I did a pretty heavy workout this Tuesday.6 sets of ez bar curls.6 sets of ez bar reverse curls.2 sets of alternating twist situps.2 sets of normal strait situps with arms behind head elbows to sides… the belly fat rolls get in the way and piss me off, provides energy for extra situps. abs very sore today! SORE! feels gooooood.3 sets of leg machine lifts.3 sets of machine flys.3 sets of lying ez bar “skull crushers” to triceps extensions – drop bar down behind head as far as you can & lift it up to over your head & to your chest 3 times then with elbows pointing directly up do 3 triceps extensions then go back to 3 skull crushers ect.. until you’ve done 24 full motion reps.15 mins recumbent bike cool down pedaling backwards to hit hamstrings.

Let me say first off that this is Thursday & I feel like I was in a car wreck or something. Bicep tendons, lats, triceps, pecs are so sore I’m whimpering on every movement. In fact the only muscle group that I worked Tuesday that doesn’t hurt are my thighs. I really like how the lying triceps extensions work the triceps up close to the shoulder, I don’t usually get hit there doing normal bench press. I’ll definitely be keeping this in my weekly routine.
My plan is to pretty much just bust ass doing whatever type of exercise I feel like doing based off what <em>DOESN’T</em> hurt that day. After my body begins responding to the beating I’m giving it &amp; the pain starts to become bearable (meaning I’m able to hit the same muscle groups every other day at full intensity) I’ll set myself up a good workout routine that hits core HARD to keep my metabolism up while also allowing myself to focus on the types of exercises that professional body building athletes do.  I understand the importance of core strength building &amp; exercises that hit large groups of muscles at the same time; that they are the ones that will help me maintain the highest metabolic rate conductive to fat burning. I also want to make sure that I am becoming comfortable with the exercises needed to fine-tone typically missed areas, like certain parts of a muscle to make sure it really fills out. While they won’t do me much good in the beginning when the fat’s gone the focus exercises should show the difference in full muscle development.
I’m much more sore today (2 days after the workout) than I was yesterday. I attempted to do some lifts yesterday after work but that much pain I know to be NOT conductive to health. I hit so many muscle groups on Tuesday that I limited what I have available to do Wednesday, but thats ok I think. Blast it out in the beginning &amp; as long as I keep hitting something hard every other day my body will adjust quickly.  Very similar to when I’d train heavily for karate/kick-boxing 8 years ago.


I have a NordicTrack E8100 smith machine, full dumbbell rack & stationary recumbent bike crammed into a small room that doubles as my office.

NordicTrack E8100Made the rack myself, spiffy!

Made the rack myself, spiffy!

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    • just kinda built it on the fly in that room on carpet and vacuumed up the saw dust.used drywall screws. only thing to take note of is that you need to cut recessed slots in for the cross planks for a good mechanical hold. screws/nails/bolts just wont cut it. screws just hold it in place, the slot cutout provides load bearing.

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