The Little Boy From the Mountains

Sometimes Alexis asks me to tell her a story when I’m rocking her to sleep. It’s always some awesome story of one of my countless adventures.  Last night I told her the story of the little boy from the mountains. She had never seen mountains so I tried my best to explain what a mountain is, how the land raises up into the sky. I told her about how the little boy used to climb to the top of the highest mountain he could find and look out over the land, how calming and happy it made him to be at one with nature. How the little boy used to make forts in the woods and fish in the ponds. How the air smelled so fresh and the sky was so blue. About how the little boy had to leave the mountains when he grew up and how he missed them every day since. Near the end of the story she raised her head up off my chest put both hands on my cheeks and said “ill climb a mountain with you daddy”. Such insight.

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