Christmas Work Begins

I’m going to try doing something a bit different this year for Christmas presents for the men in the family. Instead of some neat little trinket from Amazon I’m gonna try to make knives, like 12 of them.

To do this I’ll be making two batches, 6 knives at a time. I started the work yesterday evening shortly after I got home and worked steadily for about 2hrs. Starting with a long strip of steel known to have good hardenability qualities I heated it up and hot cut it into workable sections. Ā Placing all 6 steel bars into the fire at once, I could work one piece and switch immediately to another without pause. I quickly found out that while this allows me to work MUCH faster than if I were just making one knife at a time, this method wears your arm out quick!

On to the pictures.

One thought on “Christmas Work Begins

  1. Looking good so far! Kind of reminds me of the 4 swords I wanted to make for my wedding, but you actually have a working setup and I’m happy to see you working! Now I just need to someday get my own land and a working setup and I’ll have it made too! I had what would have been a working outdoor setup, had it not rained every single day this summer.

    Either way, keep up the good work! Looking forward to the finished products!

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