Big Forge Fired Up!

A very productive weekend.

Finished up welding together the big forge vent hood. Cut the holes for the exhaust ducting installed & sealed the duct piping. Fired it up and made a set of tongs. Mommy and baby Alexis came to watch the final assembly of the tongs – baby was very curious what was going on and didn’t seem phased by the hammer blows. Proud of that girl.

As expected the big forge produced a tremendous amount of heat over a long area and once the duct heated up the draft suction was impressive to say the least. You can literally hear the air being sucked out of the room up the pipe. 15 feet of hot air rising is much more powerful than I thought it would be.

I plan on making 4 more pairs of tongs and a couple more punches before i move on to fun stuff.

Comments for Dave?

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