New Project: Family Fishing Wall


I have a good sized aquarium in my office, and a lot of empty wall space around it. I have an idea that I’m going to need help with from my friends and family!

I have a picture of Jessica’s grandpa Prince holding up a 60+lbs flat head, and a picture of myself, my brother Chris and grandpa Smith with a stringer full of trout. I was looking at those pictures and it occurred to me that there HAS to be more where this came from. The thought of 80 years worth of fishing pictures rotting away in boxes made me sad. What better way to display my new aquarium than to dedicate an entire wall of my office to the sport of fishing and the family that cultivated my love for it.

Here’s what I need: Pictures of friends and family holding up fish to the camera, sitting on a boat, relaxing by the lake, anything really that has to do with fishing. Old ones new ones adults kids doesn’t matter. Dig deep and find fishing pictures and send digital copies to me at along with any details about the picture you can think of – fish type, what lake/river, fish weight, year caught, bait used, etc.  I’d like to have short descriptions in the frame so it presents sort of a museum of context as apposed to just pictures to be glanced at. I will also be hosting an online version of the fish wall on this website for everyone to enjoy.

I have a ton of pictures of myself, but that’s not what I’m looking for. When the wall is full of framed fishing pictures I want it to really convey the deep fishing heritage of all the family names: Roberts, Smith, Branscum, Prince, Webster, Cooper, Skelton, Gilligan,Velasquez, Alfieri, Goetzinger, Brush, Williamson, Cambell,  Hewlet, etc etc etc. If you’re one of my readers feel free to send me pictures as well! Even if I don’t know you if the picture is pretty awesome and comes with a good description its worth having.

Comments for Dave?

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