Tulsa Fishing Event This Saturday – “Poor Boys Bass Tournament”

Poor Boy Bass Tournament http://www.facebook.com/PoorBoysBassTournament


  • All tournaments will be fished on Saturday morning unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • 2 people per boat
  • $20 entry fee per boat – $5 from each entry goes to big bass pot (see payouts for break down)
  • 17’ maximum boat length.
  • Larger boats must get pre-approval through tournament director.
  • 5 fish limit (large mouth, small mouth and spotted bass only).
  • Never more than 5 fish in the live well at anytime.
  • 12” minimum length or lake limit whichever is greater.
  • 4 ounce penalty for dead fish weigh in.
  • Showing to weigh in with short fish results in loss of short fish and heaviest fish.
  • Showing to weigh in with more than 5 fish will result in your team being disqualified.
  • All fish weighed in tournament provided bag, on tournament provided scale and measured using tournament provided measuring board (Golden Rule).
  • No live bait, drag nets, traps, jug lines, limb lines or trot lines of any kind. No intentional snagging of sighted fish.
  • Fish are only legal if caught on rod and reel using artificial lures.
  • All fish are to be released. **If you catch a bass over 8 pounds you may keep it if you choose to.**
  • All live wells will be checked before launch by tournament director and one randomly selected angler.
  • Self policing. If you see someone violating rules get proof and report them (cell pics, video or physical). Failure to provide proof could result in you being disqualified.
  • We want this to be easy going and fun. Some questions or concerns will come up and most issues will be discussed and agreed upon as a group, but if an agreement cannot be reached a final decision will be made by the tournament director or deputy director. Any rules violations could result in your team being disqualified.
  • The tournament director reserves the right to refuse tournament entry to anyone.


  • Take off 6:30am weigh in 1:00pm
  • Take off order determined by drawing at ramp and executed in agreed upon manner.
  • All entry fees paid at ramp the morning of tournament in cash only.
  • Weigh in will be conducted by director, deputy director and one randomly selected angler.
  • All fish will be measured before going into the weigh bag by deputy director and one member of the boat team.
  • All fish will be weighed on the same scale by the director and randomly selected angler.
  • Once your total weight and big bass weight is written down one member of your team must verify and initial. Failure to initial your team’s weight could result in your team being disqualified.
  • Note: Only 1 fish of your teams choosing may be weighed for big bass. We will not weigh multiple fish.


  • $15 from each entry goes towards team winnings.
  • $5 from each entry goes towards big bass winning.
  • Winning team will have heaviest total combined fish weight, and will take 100% of team money.
  • Big bass will have heaviest single fish weight, and will take 100% of big bass money.

Poor Boy Bass Tournamentshttp://www.facebook.com/PoorBoysBassTournament
Tournament Director: Sam Maxwell 918-230-7929(call after 5pm or text anytime) smaxwell581@yahoo.com
Deputy Director: Matt Foster 918-439-6212(call after 5pm or text anytime)

thefosters6@att.net http://www.facebook.com/PoorBoysBassTournament

The lake to be fished will be announced on http://www.facebook.com/PoorBoysBassTournament Friday evening between7:30-8:00pm. This is to limit possible pre fish cheating and give added level of difficulty. If you do not have access toFacebook other arrangements can be made.

All lakes are within 1 hour drive of Tulsa and are ideal for smaller boats.


  • Cleveland Lake – 12” minimum length
  • Hominy Lake – 12” minimum length and requires purchase of $12 yearly fishing permit at police station
  • Shell Lake – 12” minimum length and requires boat ramp fee
  • Okmulgee Lake – TBA
  • Dripping Springs Lake – Slot limit
  • Birch Lake – 10” minimum length and requires boat ramp fee
  • Oologah Lake – TBA
  • Keystone Lake (limited) – 12” minimum
  • Skiatook Lake (limited) – 14” minimum