The Stinky Shad Song

So I was fishing by myself out at Arcadia a few months ago and I was really, really bored. I made up a little song to pay tribute to the bait fish I use when cat fishing.

I’ve had a few people tell me to sing it on youtube, maybe I’ll do that sometime, but in the meantime here’s the lyrics.

“The Stinky Shad Song”
Stinky shad, oh stinky shad,
not his fault that he smells so bad,
goes on a hook so we can eat,
those cat fishies have such tasty meat.

Oh stinky shad, oh stinky shad,
your short little life wasn’t all that bad,
swimmin through the water with out a care,
until my net flew through the air.

~sung with a heavy Jamaican rasta-mon accent with steel drums playing the tune.

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