National guard called in for fire

Big Fire covering over a square mile in north edmond yesterday. I was at the lake packing up the boat when a HUGE dual blade Helicopter flew in and scooped up a big upside down parachute type of water holder. This copter was big… Bigger than normal dual bladed copters, looked like it was about four times the width of a city bus and twice as long. Windows on it indicated that there were two floors on it, easily two stories tall in hieght.

Pics and video!

Part 1


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Tracker Pro Angler 16

Bought a 16ft bass boat, Mercury 4 stroke(so quiet!) 30hp power tilt & electronic fuel injection, seats 3 while moving, 9 gallon live well, fish finder, trolling motor, couple good storage compartments, 4 slot rod holder, 6 gallon gas tank(after 10+hrs on the lake already it’s not even half empty, very fuel efficient!) & trailer.  Pictured in the store is the actual boat I received, got the display model, last 2011 model to be sold out of the Oklahoma City bass pro.

Already added florescent light, power inverter, power kill switch for power inverter & fish finder, silly attempt at using a beach umbrella as a sun shield, too high to work well. I need to find some rod holders that work. The cheapy 3 dollar clamp-on’s from academy are garbage and wont even hold themselves to the boat.

After some testing it looks like the motor has 2” of clearance when the depth meter on the fish finder reads 1.5 feet.  Pull the motor up and navigate around with the trolling motor and this boat can work its way into the deep tree clusters of arcadia. Can’t wait to try it out at keystone.