Macho Manly Road Trip 2009

A bunch of us got together & did a week long trip in the Colorado rockies one year. Matt & I climbed up a rather large hill that at the time we refereed to as a “mountain”. It was pretty high up & did take us the better part of an afternoon to climb.

Near the top we spooked a momma elk and ran across this guy. Hadn’t learned to fear the unknown yet and just watched us walking around while he rested. One of the highlights of the trip for me.

We also somehow managed to have a good time as we adjusted to the harshness of non-city living.

3 Man Woodsball Tournament 2008 @ Adventure Zone Paintball

Kind of an old pic but I have a lot of catching up to do.

In 2008 L337 KREW competed in a 3 man woods-ball tournament. We had enough people from the team to enter the tourney with two 3 man teams. There were around 20-30 teams if i remember correctly. At the end of a very long, very tiring day of back to back 5 minute matches the final two teams to face off for 1st place were both of the LK teams. Our boys are pretty tough hombres in the woods!

My 3 man team took first place. From left to right, Carl “Yoda” French, Erick “Ephil” Phillips, David “Soulspitter” Roberts.