In the ER for a black widow bite

Why does this stuff always happen to me… I must have some black cloud following me around all the time.

Just got home (1:30am) from the ER – got nailed by a black widow trying to make its home in my life jacket Saturday morning. Little sucker really latched on good I had to slap em to get it off my arm.  30 hours or so later it still hurt like hell, had puffed up the size of a baseball and was still growing. By the time we got back from Tulsa (10pm) it felt like my skin was crawling all around it & it had spread another inch in every direction… Went to the ER just to be safe.   Doc said definite black widow bite has all the symptoms – said the sharp pain, redness, swelling, nausea, headache, minor disorientation & rough breathing is from the neurotoxin, very cool stuff didn’t know black widows had that. He put me on some antibiotics that should halt/slow the spreading of the redness. The bite itself was a very sharp & immediate pain unlike a bee or wasp sting where it takes a few seconds for the poison to set in. It bit down & didn’t release for a good 10 seconds or so.  A welt formed like hives about the size of a quarter followed by a lot of white fluid buildup & then a weird ring around the puncture wound which is still there 42hrs after the bite. An interesting experience to say the least.




One thought on “In the ER for a black widow bite

  1. Holy crap, dude. You should get a bracelet with all your info o’n it that the ER can just scan to expedite your visits.

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