Ontario Teachers’ Union Calls For Health-Related Classroom Wi-Fi Ban

Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts. – Henry Rosovsky-Harvard

This is absurd. I thought this kind of thing only happened in the United States.


Slashdot page on this article, feel free to read comments of people who, for the most part, know what they’re talking about & despise science fear mongering and anti-science rhetoric as much as I do.

What’s next? Banning windows and outdoor recess? Both of those activities subject students to far greater EMF Radiation from the fusion reaction commonly referred to as “the sun”

Why not?
Because it is pandering to a false belief (that wifi harms people), and its one that *has* been thoroughly researched, unlike what was stated in the article and summary.
It is a dangerous thing to fold and let this pass, because irrational opponents to radio waves will point to this case to further their fear-based opposition.
You cant just let them win because its “too hard” fighting irrational beliefs, you have to educate people about the facts so they are not afraid of things they don’t understand properly. You have to show everyone that these people are wrong, why they are wrong, and why it is a bad thing to allow such wrongness to win.

Take the microwaves out of the teacher’s lounges.

They didn’t also require AC receptacle plug covers installed so electricity doesn’t leak out of the wall sockets and give everyone cancer.

We’ve researched it with short wave radio, FM, AM, CB, and even cell phones. We’ve even researched the health effects of 2.4 and 5.4ghz signals. Wifi falls within this research since it’s using the same spectrum and is if anything lower power.

So… not only is the complaint stupid…. it’s also wrong.
Are they actually upset about this for the stated reason or are they claiming a health reason to justify opposing it for some reason?

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