Injury Log – First Strike @ 355 fps

Revolutionary paintball ammo “First Strike” rifle finned rounds. This shot was waaay hot, typically paintball guns are 280-300fps. I volunteered to be the test subject. This round was 30 feet at 355 fps. These rounds are lighter & fly MUCH faster under the same pressure than normal paintballs. It didn’t leave much paint on me either. While it did fly straight, the decreased weight, decreased inertia, lack of resilience to brush & outrageous price (30$ for a box of 100. [i didnt buy them]) make this round a very poor product. Cool concept, but I don’t see these being around for very long.

3 thoughts on “Injury Log – First Strike @ 355 fps

  1. You forgot to chrono the first strike? You should not be shooting any paintballs, including first strikes at that velocity. Always shoot .68 caliber paintballs and First Strikes under 300 FPS. Till this day First Strike is still around and more mainstream that before.

    • thank you captain obvious. your comment falls into the “no shit sherlock” category.

      we found out that a first strike round fires at MUCH higher velocity than a normal paintball at the same pressure. it’s not even comparable, not even in the same ball park.

      this is an example of why you cannot chrono with normal rounds and then shoot first strike rounds. (RTFA: the gun was chrono’d at 280, but fired FS at 355)

      the guns that support dual ammo types that allow users to swap between the two on the field especially present a danger to players.

      first strike round users must be aware of this and re-chrono every time they switch. see DYE Assault Matrix for an example.

      you can chrono in at 290, switch to FS rounds in the field and send them out at 350fps with the same pressure.

      First strike rounds are not inherently dangerous, but the stupidity of many of their users and the enabling of irresponsible gun manufacturers make them so.

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