Apparently I didn’t post my “bigfoot” incident last December. Copied from facebook.


Dec 31, 2017:
So something hit the side of our house pretty hard about 10:45PM tonight just on the other side of the wall from where I’m sitting now in the kitchen. About 5 minutes later I stepped out on the front porch and instantly noticed a very strong rotten/wet dog/musty smell in the air. The smell was so weird/strong I went right back inside and drug Jess out to witness the smell in the air – she agreed there was a very strong odor of something we’d never smelled before. We went back inside and I geared up in 2 minutes and went out to check things out in proper get off my lawn attire.. First thing I noticed was the smell was completely gone. Drug Jess out again and said “take a deep breath.. .. what do you smell now?”  At this point Jess was pretty spooked and went back inside. I surveyed the house exterior and observed a very slight breeze from the north. I think something was along our front porch sidewalk in the dark when we were standing on the porch. Whatever the smell was HAD to have been mobile, cuz in the 2 minutes it took me to put on shoes and a coat it was gone. I mean completely gone I circled the house trying to pick it back up several times. It must have moved south past the southern tree line bordering our house down wind. This smell was like putting fresh cat poop, wet dog hair and buck urine in a mildewy gym sock and holding it over your face it was so strong. I cannot exaggerate how potent and hard to place this smell was, crazy bizarre.  I checked the side of the house for any rocks on the ground, didn’t see anything. When we first had the house built we used to get those noises frequently after we moved in, we always thought it was a deer hitting the bricks with antlers. Now I’m not so sure.–

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